The Lion King Hero

             Many things and people can be hero in real life or not like characters from The Lion King and my hero Anne Frank. Mufasa respected everyone in his pride and was responsible for everyone in the pride. Anne Frank respected everyone whom she lived with while in hiding. Timone […]

Favorite Holidays

      Many Americans celebrate Independence Day with their own special traditions. I love the 4th of July because every year for the 4th, we head up to my grandparent’s cottage. The cottage is right on Lake Huron and it is easy to walk down the beach and visit with the neighbors. On the […]


I made my avatar look like myself in real life.  I gave her brown hair. eyes and glasses just like mine.  I wanted her to appear calm and peaceful, so her expression is bland and the colors are soft.  That’s why the background color is light blue like the sky in the afternoon.  I made […]