Things That Come Out at Night

 Activity 1

Attribution and Licensing

Every time you use a image or artwork from the web that is not your own, you must attribute it to the source.  When you attribute something, you should include any original title it has, the author or artist, and the link where it can be found. You need to check the licensing to see what edits and changes you are allowed to make without asking. If you change the art in anyway you must make note of that. I still need to understand how to read licenses and how to make contact with an artist if I want to make unlicensed changes. This is teaching me to site things correctly when I use them in my blog. Now i know I must check for licensing. Since I have learned some things about licensing and attributing, I am confident I will sight things correctly in the future.







Things That Come Out at Night

Shadows emerge,

mystifying, dark and unknown

Cat’s glistening coat

mirrors the  moonlight

Bats go airborne

swooping, sweeping, graceful, nimble, flowing


Graves are deserted and forsaken

Until ghouls and ghosts rise from haunted lairs

Moon gleaming and aglow

Ascends across the twilight realm settling all around

Darkness circles and hovers

The supernatural’s day has begun








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  1. Dear EmeryW,
    I love your poem and the colors you used in the poem. I love the line “Darkness circles and hovers” it’s really catchy. I also love the picture you used it looks super pretty. Come look at my blog:

  2. This is really, really good. I like the first line of the poem it does a good job at giving the theme of the rest of the poem. Also, I like how you gave instructions at the beginning of the post. If you could please come check out my post for this week and my blog!

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