Creative Kids

For my 20% project, myself and my partner Jesse are going to teach 3rd grade kids how to draw better by breaking it down into steps.


     I am really excited about the teaching part of the 20% project. I think it will be fun to meet the kids and help them learn about something I love. I’m very frustrated with the pace of the work. I feel like we have been working for a long time, but have not gotten much done. I am very worried we won’t finish, or that this project idea won’t work out.  It would be really hard to put all this time and work into this project, and then not have the art teacher respond.  Or, to not have any of the kids interested in signing up.


Jesse and I are really trying hard to get a plan together. The goal we want to set is get another email sent out to set up meeting times.  So, by the end of November, we need to have contact with the art teacher at the elementary school.  We need to pick a date to start the art classes. We want to aim for a time in January, 2018. We need to pick a day in January that works for the art teacher.  We need to include all this information in the email.  Jesse and I will need to look at a calendar together and pick dates that work for both of us.  Then, we need to send these dates in the email.  We also need to figure out how many times we will meet with the third graders before the end of the project.

See my Visual Aide for more information.

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