Commenting Guidelines

It’s me, Emery, back with another blog post. So, you might be asking: what’s this post about, exactly? This post will be about guidelines for comments.

There are many types of comments. If you don’t know what a comment is can be an opinion, remark to the post, or criticism. If you want to leave a comment here are the steps to follow:

1.Choose a blog profile.

2.Click on the “read more” button on that profile post.

3.In the bottom corner go to add comment and click on the white box .             

4.Type your comments.

5.Click on the blue “post comment” button to make your comment public.


Here are some suggestions about what to include in a comment.


1. Compliment the writer and leave specific, positive, and encouraging feedback. Use examples from within the post.

2.Add some of your own factual content.For example a story from your own life that relates to the post.

3.Try to make a connection to the author.Talk about your experiences that are alike.

4.Ask some relevant questions about the post. Ask for more information about something in the post that interested you.

5.Make sure you proofread your comment. Make sure you check capitalization, punctuation and spelling.